Welcome to Recreation Fitness!

Our philosophy is simple: When your workouts give you joy and you look forward to them, they are more effective, both long- and short-term. So we offer fun, innovative workouts, and a delicious, no-nonsense approach to eating that make the process of getting fit as enjoyable as the end result.

We are an eclectic group of certified trainers, yoga teachers, athletes, dancers, surfers, and self-proclaimed nerds with a deep passion for people and fitness. We bring our sense of humor and adventure to every class and training session, and love the wide variety of clients we help to reach their weight loss, sports
performance, injury rehab and prenatal/postpartum fitness goals.

We also pride ourselves in creating a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for clients from ALL levels and backgrounds – one where everyone is challenged at their own level, and no one is left behind. One with no intimidation, and no judgement. And by seeing the friendships that have formed in our classes, and how often our clients are willing to step out of their comfort zones, we think it is working!

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