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105. Me, Me, Me… Why Personal Training?

You would never know that Southern California has slipped into fall. The skies are still blue, the days are warm and the ocean still beckons for a dip. I embarked upon a new journey over the final weeks of summer…one that feels completely different from anything I’ve done before. I’ve started personal training. First, on my honor, I am NOT receiving free training sessions…I’m ponying up just like any other client.

So, what could possibly be that different between the awesome group classes in the park and a personal training session? I wondered about this myself. Admittedly, the price tag stings a bit…I had to initially fight that battle in my head. I calculated the clothes, the months of a gym membership and the dinners out for which the personal training money could be used. But I’ve been embracing this mantra more and more as of late: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Don’t get me wrong, I got a lot out of my group classes with Recreation Fitness…and still do, but it was time for me to face the reality of my life, my motivation, my goals and my desire to be a primary focus for these sessions each week. I sweat with gusto at the Mommy & Me classes…but there are also muddy feet and random cheerios on my mat, surprise jumps on my back and many interruptions to my flow and burn (and, yes, sometimes there are kittens).



Imagine the freedom and joy of running up Signal Hill (a wicked 25% grade monster) with someone who inspires me to fire every single muscle-fiber in my body. She runs beside me. She talks sometimes, she’s quiet other times, she’s pushing me to the point that she knows I need. My back issues never cross my mind…everything is fluidly modified. Once I expressed my desire for a strong core and a more graceful flexible body…each movement, each session has nudged me closer to this goal.

She doesn’t bring a scale or a tape measure; she knows that’s not my personal focus. She makes my v-sit deeper when I’m slacking. There’s no stopping for toddler drama. There’s no skimping on the tricep-dip marathon…her hands are only inches from my own…and she’s smiling (she sort of does that all the time). My lunges are deeper, my burpees faster. The workouts are a blast and I am the star of the show.

It’s been staggering how much strength and confidence in my body I’ve gained in only three weeks. I don’t know about the pounds lost…but my shorts hang loosely, my skin glows, and my week now has these blissful spaces carved out to honor my goals, my freedom and my body. For years I have spent nearly every day caring for young children and this is my gift to myself. A gift that also intensifies and improves each subsequent group workout. I know my challenge points well…and I know better how to dial up my intensity.

I am unabashed about saying this is for me…about me. I could have bought training sessions for years with the decades of money I’ve spent on diet subscriptions, food scales and weight-loss materials. Personal training is different from balancing the kid on my feet during crunches…not necessarily better…but it’s all mine…and I’m loving every single sweaty minute of it.