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100. A 10k and an Antacid-Free Vacation

This past Friday morning, as I packed for our family trip over the long weekend, I grabbed my new turquoise sports bra and an old college t-shirt…and immediately grimaced.

Ugh, exercise on vacation. What kind of vacation is that?

But I packed the clothes, stuffed the dirty tennis into a plastic bag…and set off to a quaint house nestled into the hills of San Diego. A few chocolate chips were sprinkled into the morning pancakes. Bubbly thin-crust pizzas slipped from brick ovens for lunch. Wine flowed in the evenings. It was vacation, after all.

But plated with the pancakes were sauteed spinach and broccoli slaw. Field greens piled aside the slices of Italian pie. Long languid walks to parks. Not flinching when seeing that our desired restaurant was a 2.5 mile walk from the house. Opting out of the free tram and strolling back to our parking spot. These choices still surprise me. These choices are my new normal…a far cry from the choices I used to make.

On this vacation there weren’t any depressed moans due to overindulgent meals. There were no late-night bitter searches in the toiletry bag for antacids.

And those workout clothes, those worn running shoes…they were actually put to use. Sunday morning, I slipped from the house to Nora’s chant of “Six Miles, Six Miles, Six Miles” and headed into the canyon trails of Balboa Park. I purposefully sought out a challenging course. Steep hills, lengthy descents, an unpredictable path.

Vacation Run

Being on vacation doesn’t mean vacating my goals!

When I emerged from Florida Canyon, I was dusty, covered in sweat, parched, sore and victorious. I had run a 10k.

Let me repeat, I had run a wicked-challenging 6.2 mileswhile on vacation.

The longest run of my life. There was no finish line…just me slowing to a walk in front of a bright yellow corner store on A Street. A couple passed on bicycles, scruffy dogs sniffed, a humid sun melted in the blue sky. I smiled.

Perhaps, this was THE race. Because it’s the one I did on my own.

Next Saturday’s 10k…no problem.