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Train with Sara! And love the journey.

In 2012 I was deeply saddened and broken from a break up. I wanted to change and improve certain things about myself and my life. One of them was to begin working out and I was referred to Sara.

From day 1 of training I knew I was in good, caring, professional direction, guidance and fun training with Sara.

Rep by rep, day by day, I got stronger, healthier, and happier. The deep wound of the break up has long healed. And Sara was instrumental in my transformation.

If asked to go back in time to a dark lonely place in life, I would. For the unending joy, laughter, out of breath, dizzy stare, waking up sore and suddenly hungry all the time… So outstanding that it’s beyond comparison.

You want a new life? A happy, healthier life? Train with Sara! And love the journey. – Al V.