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Strawberry Milkshake Fudge

I was looking for healthy Valentine’s treat and came across this recipe on wallflower girl’s blog. It’s so delish!

I have only a few heart baking cups. But if you have heart-shaped ice cube tray (like the original recipe), you can make a lot of hearts and it would be nice for valentine’s… But I would say, this is good treat any occasion. It was a hit, even with my husband who does not care much for strawberries.

8-10 large strawberries, hulled
6-8 Tbl raw maple syrup or sweetener of choice, adjust it depending on the taste of your strawberries. This time I put only 5 Tbsp, and it’s fine and my strawberries not even very sweet. I like less sweet. You can taste the mix at the end and adjust it. [Warning!!! It’s yummy and addictive, not even when frozen!]
1 Tbl vanilla extract
8 Tbl melted coconut oil (if you don’t like the strong smell, you can opt for expeller-cold pressed instead of extra virgin)
1 cup raw cashew meal
2 Tbl raw coconut flour

In a high powered blender, puree strawberries.
Mix in the maple syrup and vanilla extract.
Pour in the melted coconut oil and cashew meal and blend until a smooth like milkshake mixture.
Add the coconut flour and blend again until the mixture blend thoroughly.
Taste and adjust sweetness, if desired.
Spoon the mixture into an ice-cube trays, silicone baking cups or molds, or chocolate molds.
Let it set in the freezer until it become hardened.
Pop out of the molds and enjoy!

From the healthy kitchen of RecFitter and active mom, Piyuthai. Read more at: http://goodcleanwholesomefunliving.blogspot.com/.