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Recreation Fitness Yoga

Want to gain strength and flexibility? Want to reduce stress while you gain clarity and focus? Yoga can get you there.

Private or semi-private yoga instruction can help you create a practice that supports your physical and emotional goals while addressing the unique needs of your body. Perfect for beginners, or those wanting to enhance their current practice.

Private Yoga – click HERE to get started.

Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds and practices, so we can help you find the teacher that is right for you. Our consultations are free, and a great way to see if we’re a good fit for you. Call (562) 243-2221 or email info@recreationfitness.com today to schedule a free consultation with a member of our instruction team.

Single session prices are:

  • $55 for 45 min
  • $75 for 60 min

We also offer discounted packages, where you can save up to 20% off the single session price!

  • $205 for (4) 45-min sessions (save 7%)
  • $396 for (8) 45-min sessions (save 10%)
  • $561 for (12) 45-min sessions (save 15%)
  • $704 for (16) 45-min sessions (save 20%)
  • $279 for (4) 60-min sessions (save 7%)
  • $540 for (8) 60-min sessions (save 10%)
  • $765 for (12) 60-min sessions (save 15%)
  • $960 for (16) 60-min sessions (save 20%)

*** For couples and groups, add $10 per person, per session.***

Group Yoga Classes.

We also offer group yoga classes in our Bixby Knolls Gym for all levels – click here view schedule and pricing.