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Fit Camp Classes

Let’s take this outside! Our classes are designed to give you maximum results without injury, and make you LOVE the process of getting in shape as much as the end result.

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What to expect:

Flashback to your childhood memory of “recess.” Those magical minutes each day when you were laughing outdoors, running around, impromptu games…returning to the classroom with more energy and a sweaty face.

At Recreation Fitness, we take recess very seriously. We believe your workouts can and SHOULD be fun, and that joy is a highly effective tool for achieving and maintaining your fitness goals.

Our classes are designed to suit clients of all fitness levels.  Your fun AND effective workout may include cheering for your partner, completing an obstacle course across the grass as a team, and many other activities and creative exercises that keep you laughing and your heart pumping. When it’s over, you’ll climb into your car (or on your bicycle) feeling vibrant, refreshed, and proud of what you’ve accomplished.

We welcome and encourage clients who are brand new to exercise, those with seasoned athletic pursuits, and everyone in between. We tailor every workout with your individual goals in mind, regardless of injury or experience. With our intimate class size and talented trainers, everyone is challenged and guided appropriately, and NO ONE is left behind.

Southern California weather enables us to play outdoors all year long. Rain or shine, we workout, so consider the weather as you prepare. Dress in layers of water/grass-friendly clothing (even on chilly days, you will warm up), don that sporty-sunscreen, and put on some comfortable athletic shoes. Part of the experience is dusting off the grass and dirt!

What to Bring:

  • completed Registration Packet (in order to save time, please print packet, fill it out completely, and bring it with you to your first class).  Some participants may also need to bring written physician’s consent for exercise.
  • pair of 3, 5 or 8-lb dumbbells. Ask us if you are unsure which is right for you.
  • water
  • yoga-type mat or beach towel for the grass
  • a great attitude!