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Overnight Oats

It’s no secret that eating oatmeal is beneficial to your health – many studies have shown that the insoluable fiber in oats can lower cholesterol (anywhere from 8-23% when consumed daily!) and its phytonutrients and magnesium promote heart health. But are all oatmeals created equal?

Oatmeal types

Steel-cut oats still contain the whole oat grain, including the oat bran. They are passed through steel cutters, which chop them into pieces.
Rolled oats are de-hulled then steamed, which partially cooks the oat, and then flattened between two rollers. They are sometimes referred to as old fashioned oats.

Instant oats are produced the same way as rolled oats, but they are steamed for a longer period of time to completely cook them before the drying process. Instant oats often have sweeteners or flavors added to them.

As a general rule, the less processed the oats are (i.e steel cut vs. instant oats), the more fiber they contain, and the more health benefits can be gained from eating them.

Overnight Oats

Here are a few recipes sources for overnight oats – an easy, no-cook way to prepare oatmeal to have on the go with no morning prep time! Feel free to modify these recipes to suit your taste buds, and be adventurous!

Regular: http://www.theyummylife.com/Refrigerator_Oatmeal

Dairy-free: http://ohsheglows.com/2011/04/07/vegan-overnight-oat-parfaits-12-recipes-to-kick-off-the-season/