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1. Momentum in the New Year

The past two years have held some beautiful life changes:



Becoming a family of three…

And now, with these colorful and fulfilling milestones having passed, it is time to focus on how to live, truly live, as a fit and active and healthy person…to live a life that is as full of energy and zest and vitality as I can.  I will make myself, my body, my mind a project to nourish and nurture…along with my family.

Ah, the good ol’ January 1 “weight loss” wish.  This year it is different; however, in some key ways.  I have this vision, attainable vision, of myself as a person of physical fitness.   Much to my complete surprise, I ran a 5k for Thanksgiving (the LB Turkey Trot) and I still pinch myself that that was really me.  In running clothes, along the ocean, on the day of the most gluttonous opportunities ever…finishing a 5k!  I even got Daniel to get into the Turkey Trotting spirit!

I want to harness that feeling, so much of which stems from the confidence of having started coming to Fit Camp, and continue this momentum throughout this year.   I have never known my adult body not overweight and out of shape.  It isn’t as much the number on the scale but feeling heavy in every sense of the word.  Loaded down with poor food choices that leave me lethargic and my muscles in a state of under-use.

So, here’s to 2012.  A fit version of myself awaits within this calendar year.

Yes, perhaps smaller clothing sizes also lurk around the bend…but more importantly, more 5k’s…maybe even a 10k.  Dare I even think it?  I hear the trainers in my voice telling me “Yes.”