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102. Spring in My Step

I’ve stopped apologizing this week. There are no tearful glances in the mirror when I tell myself that I will: do better, choose salad over cheese, exercise before the children wake.

What’s taken the place of these grey moments? Action. It’s been that simple. It’s not always…but this week, it is.

I go to sleep having a plan for exercise. My shoes, socks, headband, shirt…all of them are piled together.

“Chard smoothie, I’ll take it!”

The food…that cheese (goat gouda, if you must know)…it’s still there. The kids like it. The husband digs it. But I can pass this week…there will always be more at the store. In the meantime, I blend up chard smoothies for the family. (*Soraya is a big fan!)

And in the morning, when the couch looks warm, when the baby clings to her morning nap, when my toddler begs for the television, I make a giant blanket fort in the living room. I hustle into the bedroom to don my workout wear and I then I reach under the fort and upon finding a pair of legs, I pull them out. I shoe them.




Pulling out all the stops

Whatever it takes.

“Robot Mama” with the magic butterfly ring tickles and chases the girls to the car. The “world’s most annoying” cd plays loudly…and I drive to the park.









It’s a beautiful time of year to sweat outdoors.

There in the gnarled roots, the girls find friends, skin their knees, beg for graham crackers and kick soccer balls. There in the sunshine, I run and side-shuffle and plank. Pink blossoms bloom. Blue skies dotted with cotton ball clouds loom.










Nora prefers the 5lb weights.

It takes a lot of effort to get two kids to the park…but they have a blast, we meet new people, we laugh over squats and lunges…and our day launches on a shining note.








Outdoor classes inspire the little one to get movin’, too!