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99. Three Weeks until Race Day

Dan gets hugs pre-jog

Our girls love the energy in the house when us parents exercise!

The 10k race is only three weeks away. Each week is filled with strength-training, stretching and ever-longer runs. I rode in the passenger seat to the park on Sunday feeling anticipation (okay, and a wee bit of dread) for the longest run of my life. The girls (Daniel had already completed his run near our house) settled into the sandbox and I pulled my laces taught, plugged in my headphones and set out for my own glory.

It was a slow comfortable slog. One step at a time. Even slower than my previous run. But purposeful, gentle, focused and relaxed. Out beyond the ocean boardwalk the choppy seas sloshed, sharing my path were sleek cyclists with advertising spandex, hipsters upon beach cruisers in amazing patterned sweaters and infinity scarves and French tourists snapping photos of the marshmallow-dabbled sky.

marshmallow sky along the ocean for my run

Marshmallows floated above my jog

Seagulls soared upon updrafts o’er head. I titled my face into the warmth of the sun, fingered my volume for a deafening version of my jam and stumbled off the sidewalk into the sand. No matter…I was a superhero, the very best version of a healthy me. Carving an hour into the day for myself. Leaving children, spouse, housework and Super Bowl food prep behind for 64 minutes of exercise.

Yep, that’s right, 5 miles in 64 minutes…non-stop. It ain’t fast and it ain’t pretty but it’s all MINE. I’d never gone so far before.







the proof is in the pudding

it’s not fast…but it’s mine!

I was proud (and very thirsty) as I puddled on the sidewalk to stretch. Five beautiful delicious minutes left to myself…until the next run.