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Bixby Knolls Gym

Recreation Fitness is now in Bixby Knolls!

Our private training gym, located in the heart of Bixby Knolls at 4234 Atlantic Ave, is no average gym! Our gorgeous, super-clean 1,300 SF studio offers private training, group fitness classes and nutrition for clients of ALL fitness levels and backgrounds. Want to work out, but hate a gym atmosphere? So do we, so we built a space that is as inviting and fun as it is functional.

  • immaculately clean, bright, and inviting space
  • soft towels, cold water, and hot tea available to all members
  • wide array of functional fitness tools for a great workout every time
  • diverse, talented team of trainers who recognizing that no two bodies are alike, so all workouts are customized


Are you still offering outdoor classes now that the studio is open? Yes of course! We love our outdoor workouts, and still offer all our park classes in addition to the indoor classes we teach here. Mix/match any of the indoor and outdoor classes we offer to create your own fun, flexible schedule.

What kind of equipment do you have? Since we focus on fun, functional fitness and corrective exercise, we have all the equipment necessary for a great workout – climbing/pull-up station, resistance bands, TRX, kettlebells, stall bars, dumbbells, battle ropes, hurdles, plyo boxes, jumpropes, bosu, and a wide variety of both weighted and sport balls, as well as tools for stretching, myofascial release, and muscle recovery.

No boring cardio machines and one-size-fits-some strength equipment here! We want to teach you how to use your body to get the best – and most fun – workout possible.

What are the hours of operation? Our studio is open by appointment (or by chance), so call us at (562) 243-2221 to schedule.