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Lesson Learned (again)

This is a story of a box of not-so-thin-mint Girl Scout cookies, and one unassuming trainer…

I haven’t eaten a Girl Scout cookie in years. I have always had a pretty raging sweet tooth, and when I became a trainer back in 2005, I realized that I had to pick my battles when it comes to sweets. If I have them around, I’ll eat them; but if I don’t have them handy, I’m rarely going to go to the trouble of leaving the house to go get them. Keeping them out of the house saves me from impulsively eating foods that may taste good in the moment, but only leave me feeling tired and bloated later.

This M.O. has gone well for me thus far – I eat dessert only on special occasions, and every once in awhile have a piece of high-quality dark chocolate, which satisfies me. Now that I eat so much less sugar than I used to, I don’t really crave it anymore, so it is no longer a great effort to turn down dessert.

But last week, a well-intentioned local realtor left a box of Thin Mints on our front porch with a cute note about how she’s “never too busy” for our referrals. It had been a long, pretty active day for me: I’d trained half a dozens clients, and taught two fit camp classes in the park, and my body was tired and HUNGRY. My husband and I made fish and veggies for dinner, and once we finished eating, we looked at each other and did not need to say a word: it was cookie time.

That first bite brought me back in time! The almost-too-sweet mix of mint and chocolate (and who knows what else) gave me such a rush, and in no time the cookie was gone, and I found myself biting into another. The more we ate, the more we reached back into the sleeve of chocolatey goodness, and before we knew it, the box was empty.

Had we really just finished an entire box of cookies in one sitting??? I couldn’t believe it. Forget willpower, how did we fit all those cookies in our already-full stomachs? Almost immediately the stomachache (and regret) kicked in, my poor gut trying to process the giant pile of sugar I’d just consumed. “Well, now we know why we don’t buy Girl Scout cookies anymore!” we joked, and once our cookie coma set in, went to bed.

The next morning, I went to make breakfast and found myself looking for something sweet in the cupboard. I had to laugh, envisioning all that extra insulin – hungry for sugar – sitting in my blood stream after The Great Cookie Binge of 2015. So I closed the cupboard, smashed avocado on my toast, and went for a run to clear my bloodstream. Everyday is a new day, after all. 🙂