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LaRonica loves to help us stay on top of our game…

LaRonica Southerland has been my trainer for almost a year through Recreation Fitness. She always brings her smile and motivating personality to every class.

My favorite thing about her training that really benefits my workouts is when she reminds us to have “tight tummies” and to breathe. I know that seems funny to be my favorite thing but I’ve noticed that only the high quality trainers who really help us focus on our form, weave these reminders into their training sessions.

LaRonica is very approachable and loves to help us stay on top of our game even when we can’t make it to a class. She takes the time out of her day to personally send me a quick exercise challenge for the day that is always achievable, even being a mom of two little ones. She adapts any workout, whether it be strength training or dance, to fit our physical needs. LaRonica is a very dedicated and well-rounded person which shows through her training. – Ammie M.