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107. Trick-or-Treat?

It has been ten weeks since I dramatically cut my sugar intake. Perfect timing for the most sugar-crazed-candy-palooza holiday of them all…Halloween. As I finger the kale leaves and nuzzle pumpkins in the grocery stores, there are gigantic bags of Halloween treats piled upon bales of hay. They are difficult to ignore. And since the Elsas and Spidermen are coming to my porch with their hands outstretched, I might as well provide them with some candy.

So…I bought three bags. Two of which contained morsels I find fairly revolting. But that third bag had chocolate. Tiny; thus; almost invisible bars of sweet cocoa butter love. I swore that I wouldn’t open the bag. If I could ask for no dessert at my birthday brunch, I could certainly pass on mass-produced-head-buzzing chocolate.

But that night, the kids were both asleep. I crept quietly up to the bag. I tore open one small corner. I let my fingers sweep over the slick foil bars. Then one jumped out of the bag, was savagely torn from the package and launched into my mouth…followed quickly by twenty more friends. (See what I did there?)

And then what? Well, I stopped, I closed the bag, I asked my husband to hide it. He hid it poorly (underneath an astronaut helmet in the garage…I mean, come on!). I ate twenty more.

Uh, how many sprints up Signal Hill would it take to account for these fiendish bars? Way to many to calculate. So, I asked Emily to hear my confession. I looked into her eyes and I asked her to hear my commitment. Not ONE SINGLE piece of candy before Halloween. And she told me her famous October reminder…which I now present to you here as Emily’s Halloween Candy PSA video.

You’re welcome.