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Garden Party

mylar ribbon on tomato cages to deter birds

I love nature, particularly birds. But that does not mean I’m ok with them trying to steal every last tomato from my garden. The moment the tomatoes are ripe, they swoop down and snatch them off the vine before we can harvest. We’ve tried wrapping our plants in tulle (a type of netting similar to what tutus are made of), but the birds ripped right through it; planting a ton of tomatoes hoping we’d at least get a fair share, which also didn’t work; and so last summer we ended up harvesting our tomatoes early with a bit of vine and let them finish ripening on the kitchen counter. That worked somewhat, but I flt bad removing part of the plant every time I wanted a tomato.

This year, we’re trying a new approach. We tied Mylar curling ribbon on each of the cages and put metallic pinwheels throughout the garden to reflect the sunshine and deter the birds, let’s hope it works! At the very least, it is awfully festive looking. 🙂

UPDATE: Weeks later the tomatoes have ripened and not a bird in sight! We’re so happy to not have to share our harvest, and the vine-ripened tomatoes are positively delicious… Score: Ledgers 1, Birds 0. 🙂