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Recreation Fitness

I was concerned before I first started because I was in pretty poor shape.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to keep up, but I was impressed by the way...

Recreation Fitness

Fit Camp is so much fun!

After a year of classes, I can still see improvements in myself, and I am still getting a great workout....

Recreation Fitness

I LOVE LOVE LOVE fit camp!

Emily and Chey are great, they know when to push and when to support you. Fit camp has helped improve...

Recreation Fitness

By exercising twice a week at Fit Camp and attending Weight Watchers

…I’ve lost 14 pounds to date, have gained upper body strength (goodbye flabby arms) and found lots of energy –...

Recreation Fitness

You guys are totally the bomb! I loooove Fit Camp.

Count me in for the next 4 weeks! I am on a mission to conquer the hill – my goal...

Recreation Fitness

I joined Recreation Fitness because the instructors seemed

…very nice and encouraging and it looked like a whole bunch of fun. I received MUCH more than I bargained...

Recreation Fitness

I just finished my first session at Fit Camp and it was so much fun!

The instructors work so well together and their energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I liked that my friends and I...

Recreation Fitness

Today while I was in class, I was thinking

… “They should be paying me to do this!  What was I thinking when I signed up?” Now a few...

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