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Emily’s Garden

My husband and I have embarked on a journey to grow all our own produce in our backyard in Long Beach, and these are my tales of triumph and obstacles along the way. We are not natural-born horticulturists, and are learning many hard lessons as we go. This garden has become my friend, my nemesis, and my teacher and I hope this candid blog helps you in your own gardening adventures!


Earth Day!

I confess, I used to think that raising a garden was all about the plants. But after a year and...


On the Bright Side

When I initially read about gardening, the thing I learned to fear most was bolting – when a vegetable plant...


Not Half Bad

Despite our many sad losses lately due to critters both big and teeny tiny, things are starting to look up!...


Sending in the Troops

We recently discovered aphids in our yard – tiny little insects that devour certain plants, particularity the mint I just...


A Lesson in Patience

This is not my vegetable garden. This photo was posted on a friend’s Facebook page, and I’ll admit, I was...

dead peas

Rest in Peas, Sugar Snaps

‘Twas a rough weekend to be a gardener – I officially cleared the sugar snap peas after their mysterious death,...



Someone has been digging in our garden! Every morning we awake to more and more holes, and our potatoes, onions...


First Harvest

Today is so exciting! Our first real harvest, and it is gorgeous! We needed to trim our lettuce and spinach...


True Leaves

I am learning so much, and this week has produced a fascination with true leaves, which are just that: the...


We Have Sprouts!

I can honestly say few things are more satisfying that walking out into our little garden and seeing a sea...

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