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Emily’s Garden

My husband and I have embarked on a journey to grow all our own produce in our backyard in Long Beach, and these are my tales of triumph and obstacles along the way. We are not natural-born horticulturists, and are learning many hard lessons as we go. This garden has become my friend, my nemesis, and my teacher and I hope this candid blog helps you in your own gardening adventures!


Planting the Seed

It is just starting to feel like Fall in Southern CA (it was only 84 degrees today), and that makes...


Black Gold

Whether you have a large vegetable garden, one little flower pot, or just want to cut down on the amount...


Pesto Party!

The end of summer brought a bountiful basil harvest for us (isn’t the purple basil pretty?), so I had to...


A Clean Slate

We here in Southern CA have the luxury of gardening all year long, which is both tremendously rewarding and occasionally...


Not For the Lazy

It occurred to me, as my husband and I headed out to the garden for our big weekly harvest on...


Save your seeds!

Last year I had the best watermelon of my life. Globe-shaped instead of oval, it was sweet, juicy, and with...

mylar ribbon on tomato cages to deter birds

Garden Party

I love nature, particularly birds. But that does not mean I’m ok with them trying to steal every last tomato...


Growing Food From Kitchen Scraps

It may sound too good to be true, but you really CAN grow food from many of the scraps you’d...


Hungry? Plant Kale.

Leafy greens are this gardener’s dream – I eat them at practically every meal, and they are so easy to...


Deterring Cabbage Butterflies

We have an unwanted visitor in our backyard – the cabbage butterfly. Though these little white butterflies are absolutely beautiful...

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