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Amber’s Journey

Hello, my name is Amber and I am an avid fit camper who joined Recreation Fitness in 2011 shortly after the birth of my first child. Oft feeling frenzied and bored in the gym, prone to back injuries from poor form in a typical class-setting, and longing for fresh air and a community-approach towards a healthy lifestyle, the camaraderie and dynamics of Recreation Fitness have been a perfect match for my goals.

Weight has been a constant struggle since childhood and yo-yo dieting and exercise injuries have been familiar companions for 20+ years. I seek to embrace a vibrant lifestyle, not merely hit a number on the scale.

My blog reveals the daily victories, small shifts in my approach to food, fitness and self-care necessary to transform my mind & body… all the while, mothering two little girls.

To read this journey from the beginning, please start here.

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle Came to Fit Camp

108. Diabetes Scare, Gratitude and Changes

A few weeks ago my doctor called me to discuss my recent blood work. I sensed it was what I...

Emily's Candy PSA

107. Trick-or-Treat?

It has been ten weeks since I dramatically cut my sugar intake. Perfect timing for the most sugar-crazed-candy-palooza holiday of...

Meet the Cupcake I didn't sample

106. Just a Spoonful of Unlicked Sugar

Every since I can remember I’ve loved sweets, sugar, treats and dessert. Any moment or emotion can be lamented or...

Mommy & Me Kitten-extravaganze

105. Me, Me, Me… Why Personal Training?

You would never know that Southern California has slipped into fall. The skies are still blue, the days are warm...

swimsuits don't scare me, being still scares me

104. Sweet Summer Sweat

The sun shines brightly in Long Beach today. The sunsets of late are streaked with pink, salmon, purple and coral....

Sometimes the numbers are a part of the story

103. The Thrill of 100

A year has passed since the joy of this post. I look back at the face of that woman, the...

It's a beautiful time of year to sweat outdoors.

102. Spring in My Step

I’ve stopped apologizing this week. There are no tearful glances in the mirror when I tell myself that I will:...

First 10k Couple Photo

101. Reclaiming my Physical Education

There was an ominous thick knotted rope that hung from the gym rafters in elementary school. With fear and trepidation,...

Vacation Run

100. A 10k and an Antacid-Free Vacation

This past Friday morning, as I packed for our family trip over the long weekend, I grabbed my new turquoise...

marshmallow sky along the ocean for my run

99. Three Weeks until Race Day

The 10k race is only three weeks away. Each week is filled with strength-training, stretching and ever-longer runs. I rode...

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