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Sofia Odriozola

Certified Yoga Instructor. Sofia is originally from Monterrey, Mexico. She took her first yoga class in 2011 and she thought it was the most physically and mentally challenged she’s ever been. After a few classes, she kept going and started to see how much stronger she was getting, both inside and out. Her yoga practice soon became her daily meditation, and that’s when she decided to be a yoga teacher.

After 2 years of practicing she got her first Yoga Alliance 200 hour Unified Yoga Certification through Peak Beings in Costa Rica. After that she started teaching classes and her practice got stronger so she got a Yoga Alliance 100 hours Rocket Yoga Certification through the Yoga People in her hometown Monterrey, Mexico.

For Sofia, yoga has been the best road she could have ever taken with her life. Her classes are focused on connecting the breath with the movement, flowing when doing the postures. She always wishes to inspire and motivate her students.

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I believe that yoga comes to each and every one of us at the right moment in our lives, and I think that the only way of reaching the real state of yoga is by creating a physical practice into a moving meditation, focusing on healing the body, calming the mind and finding the connection between body mind and soul.

I believe the best teachers are the ones that are students as well. There is never too much information you can learn about yoga or about anything. I always try to keep studying, going to workshops, doing different classes, taking trainings, learning about different styles, adjustments and philosophy. It gives me a greater range of clients that I can teach too and I get to transmit my knowledge with them. I have taken classes with instructors from all over the world, and have learned different styles to practice yoga and I can adapt my style to every student. I also do teach yoga classes in English or Spanish depending on the clients nationality and preference.

What I love about my job is that I get to work in a personal way with the clients; I get to connect with them and work together to achieve their personal goals. Yoga is my passion and I’m truly blessed that I found it and I get to call it my job now, I feel completely grateful and happy after every class I teach knowing that I contributed in some way to make someone else feel better.

When I was a student I saw myself grow in so many ways because of practicing yoga. After looking at the many benefits yoga offered me, I decided that I wanted to be a source of inspiration to others, help them achieve their goals, calm their minds, be healthier, move their bodies and find the perfect balance in their lives.

Sofia’s classes made me a better person…

You can feel Sofia’s passion…