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Emily Duval Ledger

Owner / Lead Trainer / Instructor. Emily has been an independently Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) since 2005. As a sedentary kid who was finally inspired to get in shape in her adult life, she knows firsthand that it is never too late to try something new, and is dedicated to helping her clients surprise themselves with that they can accomplish.

Emily specializes in weight loss, nutritional counseling, prenatal/postpartum fitness, injury rehab, and sports performance for clients of all ages and fitness levels. She also works with a number of clients who have chronic conditions – like Parkinson’s Disease, Lupus, and Multiple Sclerosis – to help them manage their symptoms and improve the quality of their lives. Personally, she has become an avid lover of running, biking, hiking, yoga and surfing, and can’t wait to hike the Grand Canyon again in the next few years.

Emily was honored to be named the 2015 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Council. She was also named a FERA Inspiration Icon in 2013, was a guest columnist for the Long Beach Register, and has been a featured author on the MINDBODY Exchange Blog.

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I believe that all physical changes start with the mind, so getting your head in the right space is key to making your goals happen. I started this company with a strong determination to bring JOY back into the equation – we are so good at being productive, stressing ourselves out, writing TO DO lists. But if the habits we create to help support our fitness goals are also JOYFUL and FUN, we are way more likely to repeat them enough to reach those goals.

No two sessions are alike, and I really create them with my clients needs and interests in mind. I want to help you find the active things YOU enjoy, so you’ll keep doing them long after you no longer need to work with me. It’s all about the long game: what changes can I help you make now that will help you long-term? Diets end, but establishing strong long-term habits can lead to a lifetime of fitness.

The people! I have been training since 2005, so my clientele is now a very diverse group of amazing people with whom I have built strong relationships. And because they are so different from one another – in age, background, goals, ability, sense of humor, you name it – it gives me the opportunity to continually challenge myself. I positively love this job.

Emily was born to train, to inspire, to motivate… 

Working out with Emily has helped me achieve my endurance…