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Devin Welch

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) / Certified Personal Trainer / Yoga Instructor.
Devin is a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). She earned her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from UC Davis, is Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200), and holds a Diploma in Culinary Arts. Devin is genuinely passionate about helping people live healthy lives. She also goes out of her way to make her clients and students feel welcome, regardless of where they are in their fitness journey.

Growing up her passions were Western horseback riding and swimming: in high school she competed on the varsity swim team all four years, and set the school record for the 500 yard swim; she also rode her horse in junior pro-rodeo barrel racing.

Devin kept active in college, but also gained weight for the first time from being so sedentary. “I struggled with my weight through those five years in college and after graduation. In my 30’s I became more of a gym rat going to spin classes, Kwando classes and using a few free weights when I wasn’t too intimidated by the guys at the gym. Eventually I left the gym after I broke up with a boyfriend and didn’t want to run into him there and was back to walking for exercise. I tried training for the Long Beach half marathon, but I really struggled with staying motivated to run alone, and an injury eventually forced me to take a break.” Devin then tried CrossFit, completed their Weightlifting Trainer Course, and eventually becoming a Level I Coach (CF-L1). In 2015 she completed her 200-hr Yoga Training through Cloud Nine Yoga, to further round out her training and experience. She is a zen weightlifting mama bear with a heart of gold!

Devin joined the Recreation Fitness Team in 2015, and we couldn’t be happier. She loves that she can use her varied experience to help her clients discover the fitness habits that most resound with them, so they can stay active throughout the many stages of their life. Devin is available for personal training, private yoga, nutritional counseling and speaking engagements.

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Everyone is unique – there is no one approach that works for all. I love how creative I get to be, and helping my clients discover passions they may not know they had. I think this quote says it all: “The secret of change is to focus your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new.” – Socrates

As I reached and entered my 40’s, I began to see family and friends around my age and older suffering to do what I refer to as functional fitness. I wanted to be able to continue to maintain my independence – to be able to carry my groceries out to my car and upstairs to my apartment. To have the energy and endurance to clean my apartment. To be able to assist my parents one day if they need my help. To enjoy my young niece as she gets older. I began to think how everyone should be able to have this independence if they so choose. I had this ah-ha moment of realizing THAT was what I wanted to do for the second half of my life forever. I have a solid foundation to build on as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Years later I decided that a Diploma in Culinary Arts would be a great asset as at the time I received many questions related to food preparation during the nutrition workshops that I provided. As I worked on my own fitness, I really became inspired to teach others. Recognizing that just like diet, exercise or fitness is personal – not one prescription fits all. I want to be the person who helps individuals reach their goals by personalizing their experience and making the approach realistic to their life and needs.

The clients! I love the diverse people who reach out to us for help – every day is a different challenge, and the relationships we build with our clients are priceless. It means so much to know I can make a difference in someone’s life.

Devin! Where can I start? She is perfect…

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Working out with Devin!

Simply FANTASTIC!!! I highly recommend Devin.