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The Team

Led by Emily Duval Ledger, we are an eclectic group of yoga teachers, athletes, dancers, surfers, and self-proclaimed nerds with a deep passion for people and fitness. We bring our sense of humor and adventure to every class and training session, and love the wide variety of clients we help to reach their weight loss, sports performance, injury rehab and prenatal/postpartum fitness goals.

We train as a team, so you get the benefit of our combined creativity and expertise. You’ll have a primary trainer or yoga teacher who works with you most often, but will have the rest of the team available to you if your schedule and/or goals change. No two clients are alike, so no two programs are alike.

Interested in joining our team of trainers? Send us a resume and letter of introduction here.

Certified Personal Trainers

Emily Duval Ledger, owner

Sara Adams

Samantha McGowan

Ashley Astudillo

Shane Petrie

Carina Means

Registered Yoga Teachers

Samantha McGowan

Sofia Odriozola

Rebekah Ressler

Rebekah Ressler