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About Us

Welcome to Recreation Fitness®! Our philosophy is simple: if your workouts give you joy, they are more effective, both short- and long-term. We think it is a shame that anyone would pay a trainer they do not like, or treat exercise like another “to do” on the list.

We love fitness games, burpees, and kale. We love grass in our hair, mud on our pants and that unbelievable feeling of victory when you reach the top of Signal Hill.

We hate crash diets, exercise fads and one-size-fits-all training programs because they do not work (That’s right! We said it!) and only leave you hungry, uninspired, and unfit.

So we’ve created fun, innovative, and efficient workouts and delicious food philosophies that we know you’ll love. Really, really LOVE. So join us in saying:

Hello, sunshine… Goodbye, muffin top! Let’s take this outside.

We were once known as South Bay Fit Camp, but we recently changed our name. Never fear! We are still the same great team of trainers, the same fun outdoor classes, the same passionate food lovers, the same corny comedians (sorry about that last one). Just have a snazzy new name and a little more pep in our step, that’s all. 🙂