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30 Day Challenge

Consistency is the key success – imagine what 30 days can do!

How it works: Sign up for only $30, and you’ll have access to an online workout a day for 30 days! Start your challenge whenever you’re ready, it lasts all summer long!

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Each workout is 30 minutes or less and can be done just about anywhere, with little to no equipment. Use it to supplement your existing fitness routine, or as a fun way to squeeze in a quick workout on your busy days. There are no rest days, but the intensity varies from day to day, so you get the challenge and the restorative workouts when you need them most.

Workouts include varying levels so you can challenge yourself appropriately, and all include a warm-up and a stretch. Plus, you can email the RecFit Team anytime to ask questions or get advice.

PLUS, you’ll have access to the workouts for a full 90 days, so you can repeat the challenge up to 3x if you like!


Do I have to be in good shape already to participate? Not at all, the goal is to improve your fitness level no matter where you are starting from, and we offer options in each workout so you can pick the ones that are right for you.

Will I need a lot of equipment? No, most workouts will require only your body weight or a set of 3-8lb dumbbells.

How much weight will I lose? Results vary depending on your sleeping and eating habits, how much you push yourself during the workouts, and how close you are to your goal weight. For best results, we recommend drinking plenty of water, eating nutrient rich meals and snacks, avoiding sugar and processed foods, and getting a full night’s sleep as often as possible. We know no one is perfect, so do your best and the more consistent you are, the quicker you’ll see results. 🙂

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Let’s make this summer our fittest ever!